OJK Condemns Fintech Lender over Indecent Post of Debtor



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Financial Services Authority (OJK) condemns fintech lender Incash for posting a photo of one of its debtors online, with captions saying she was willing to have sex for money so she could pay her debts to the online lender.

    The post was allegedly distributed online because the borrower had not paid her debts.

    The OJK's Investment Alert Task Force chief, Tongam L. Tobing, said the act is inhumane and that law enforcers must prosecute the fintech company. The police, he said, must find the person who made the poster.

    "This is intolerable and very inhumane," Tongam told Tempo on July 24. 

    Yuliana Indriati's photo has gone viral on social media sites since Tuesday, July 23. Under her photo is a caption saying that she was willing to have sex with many people for a price of Rp1,054,000 so she could repay her debt to Incash.

    The post also included her mobile phone number. 

    Tempo contacted the number and reached Yuliana, who said that an unregistered fintechs lender made the poster.

    "They intimidate me. I am ashamed and stressed," she said on Wednesday. 

    According to Yuliana, she borrowed Rp1 million from Incash using its app, but only received Rp650,000. When her debt matured, she was unable to pay.

    "I was only two days late and they continue to threaten and intimidate me up until yesterday," she said.  

    Yuliana added that the poster was sent to the people on her mobile phone's contact list. She has contacted legal aid to seek help in addressing the situation.

    Muhammad Hendartyo