Istiqlal Mosque Talks of Ban on Plastic Bag for `Qurban` Meat



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe committee of Eid al-Adha (Islamic day of sacrifice) of Istiqlal Grand Mosque said that they used eco-friendly plastic bags to wrap ‘qurban’ or livestock meat to be distributed to the public for the past few years.

    “We have collaborated with Joyoboyo, a producer of eco-friendly plastic,” said Jakarta Istiqlal Mosque spokesman Abu Hurairah AS in Istiqlal, Tuesday, July 23.

    Abu explained the committee used the nature-friendly plastic bag for the past four years. “The plastic is in white-transparent color,” he added.

    Sinar Joyoboyo Plastic is a factory that produces HDPE plastic bag commonly used for foods and non-foods. This year, Abu went on, the committee will continue to utilize the plastic.

    Almost every year, Istiqlal Mosque conducted animal slaughtering and distribution donated by people and state figures, including the president and vice president. In 2018, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia received 24 cows.

    Previously, Jakarta Environment Agency appealed to all Eid al-Adha committee to not using a single-use plastic bag for distributing qurban meat.

    “We calls qurban committee to refrain from using a single-use plastic bag, let alone black plastic to distribute the meat,” said the agency head Andono Warih in a written statement, Tuesday, July 23.