National Children's Day; PGRI Asks for Child-Friendly Schools



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe head of the Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), Unifah Rosyidi, said one of the country's homework in the education sector is the lack of training for teachers in a bid to create child-friendly schools.

    “Training to support attractive learnings,” said Unifah to Tempo, Sunday, July 21.

    Unifah explained all parties could not merely blame teachers should there is an issue. Instead, the government should facilitate systematic training for educators. 

    The PGRI, she added, has no funds to hold a training. If there was one, the event was financed by the committee voluntarily. Recently, the association initiated a teacher learning program supported by teachers organization of four countries, viz. Sweden, Norway, Japan, and Australia.

    The training that was held in 15 regencies or cities discussed inclusive education. “A school that provides a sense of convenience for children, nondiscrimination-based, and no sexual harassment,” she added.

    In addition to the training, Unifah assessed there should be a school program to create open communication between parents, teachers, and children, so the problem solving on the child could no longer be processed from one side only.

    The commissioner of Indonesian Children Protection Commission (KPAI), Retno Lystiarti, also supported the establishment of a child-friendly school that she deemed could prevent children from being a victim of sexual violence.

    The concept of a school that is safe for children should have a complaint management system that protects both victims and witnesses. “This is the most important thing, not only a school’s complaint room” she underlined.