JFW Director on Sustainable Fashion Designers in Indonesia



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Indonesia is seeing an increasing number of fashion designers – especially the younger generations - who are enhancing to be sustainable fashion designers by producing environmentally-friendly products.

    However, Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) Director Lenni Tedja revealed that these eco-friendly minds are facing many challenges.

    Lenni explained there are many factors upon producing a sustainable fashion product such as paying the minimum provincial wage standard for its workers, greatly reducing production waste, utilizing natural sources of coloring, up to using packages that are environmentally friendly.

    “Many are still unable to take responsibility from a product’s inception up to the final product because it is a bearing responsibility. This is just the beginning, but at least we have shown the will to start according to the current situation and capacity,” she said.

    Jakarta Fashion Week saw more than 50 percent of designers adopting an eco-friendly product, which she hopes will be adopted by a greater number of designers in the future.

    The challenge faced by these designers is that producing eco-friendly products needs a huge amount of financial backing, which also explains why these types of products cost much higher.