Police Foil Illegal Facebook Animal Trade



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Indonesian National Police’s criminal investigation agency (Bareskrim) arrested three suspects over illegal trade and possession of protected animals after police foiled the suspects’ attempt to sell honey bears via Facebook.

    The suspects were apprehended at the Rembang Bus Terminal in Central Java on Friday, June 14, after police received a report of a possible animal trade to take place at the location.

    Police nearly arrested suspect “S” in a sting operation after the person is suspected to be the person providing the honey bears.

    “However, suspect S managed to escape capture,” said Police Bareskrim Director Brig. Gen. Fadil Imran in a press conference on Wednesday, July 3.

    Police revealed that suspect S and two other suspects never met each other in the illegal animal trade and that they were always connected by communicating with each other via Facebook and transacted with a shared bank account.

    On June 20th, police investigators arrested two suspects involved in the trade “MUA” and “G” at Kudus, Central Java, and confiscated 15 parrots and money believed to be from the suspects’ illegal trade activities.

    Moreover, police also captured two more suspects in two separate locations who traded protected animals. The rescued animals are currently kept at the Pati Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) and treated at the West Java animal rescue center (PPS).

    The suspects currently charged with 5-years imprisonment in violation of Article 21 (2) Jo Article 40 (2) of Law No.5/1990.


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