3 Health Issues Caused by Jakarta`s Traffic Congestion



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - One of the traits Jakarta is most known for is its unbearable traffic congestions. Those living in regions in the city’s vicinity who work in the heart of Indonesia’s capital can attest to this during morning and afternoon rush hours.

    This situation not only wastes time but can take its toll for people’s health caused by either sitting too long in traffic or cramps and muscle pains caused by operating vehicles through dense traffic. Added with the ever-increasing pollution levels that worsen the already bad situation.

    Here are 3 health problems that could be linked directly to traffic congestion.

    1. Stress

    The first thing that can strike a person who has experienced being stuck in traffic surrounded by a sea of vehicles is increased stress levels that could easily spark displeasure, which most would channel into anger. Research even suggests that enduring prolonged traffic congestions are able to extract a person’s aggressive behavior.

    1. Back Pain and Muscle Fatigue

    Traffic congestions make travel time last much longer than you might expect, which affects a person’s psychology and physical health, especially back pain and muscle fatigue caused by either sitting or standing for too long in a vehicle during traffic.

    1. Respiratory Problems

    Traffic equals increased pollution, which is made worse by the notorious Jakarta “bumper-to-bumper” traffic that forces a person to only travel small distances in a cloud of exhaust smoke. Pollution is attributed to death rates, especially those that suffer from a heart attack or stroke.


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