This is How Your WhatsApp Account Could be Hacked



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - After the WhatsApp account of Tempo’s President Director Toriq Hadad was hacked yesterday, Facebook Indonesia’s spokesperson explained that there are several possibilities enabling that to happen which involves not activating certain security features.

    “Most probably is that the hacker registered their WhatsApp account using the user’s phone number. Because the two-factor authentication was not activated, this would negate any verification process,” said the Facebook Indonesia representative on Monday evening, July 1.

    The security feature in question is an optional feature that acts as an added layer of protection for a person’s WhatsApp account since it is protected by a six-digit PIN code.

    Moreover, in Toriq Hadad’s case, he recalled that there were two instances where the hacking attempt might have commenced. Firstly was when he received a message from an unregistered phone number followed by a call from a number that is registered as an overseas phone number.

    “The message said that I would be able to save the number if I help him to save the notification that was about to be sent. [I was already suspicious there],” said Toriq at Tempo headquarters.

    Toriq decided not to answer the call that had a number registered as a United States cellphone number followed by a call from a cellphone registered as a Malaysian cellphone number, which he answered but immediately disconnected the call.

    The suspected hacker has used Toriq’s WhatsApp to message people from his phone log and ask for loans. Police are currently handling the case.