Jakarta: Land Transport is Main Contributor to Air Pollution



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaJakarta Environment Agency’s laboratory head Diah Ratna Ambarwati states that land transportation is the main contributor to air pollution in the capital. 

    She conveys the statement in response to the Air quality forecaster AirVisual that considers Indonesian capital city as the world’s most polluted city.

    AirVisual records the city’s Air Quality Index (AQI) scored 208 per Monday, June 26, at 08:33 Western Indonesian Time (WIB), which means the air quality is unhealthy.

    “As a metropolitan city, the main source of air pollution in Jakarta is dominated by land transportation. Besides, [Jakarta] is actively developing nowadays,” Diah told Tempo via a phone call, Wednesday, June 26.

    However, Diah continues, AirVisual should not judge all areas of Jakarta as having poor air quality because its locations for the measurement are unknown.

    “Construction project gives impact to the environment, particularly the air because the project produces dust. While the number of green spaces is dropping because the hike in constructions,” Diah added. “Moreover, Jakarta is entering the dry season because high temperature affects [air quality] as well.”

    Diah then compared AirVisual with five air quality monitoring stations across the city, viz. Bundaran HI (DKI 1), Kelapa Gading (DKI 2), Jagakarsa (DKI 3), Lubang Buaya (DKI 4), and Kebon Jeruk (DKI 5) that show the city’s air quality in moderate status.

    At present, the city administration is focusing to improve the air quality. “We study all matters, for example, we are drafting green design to control air pollution and we are designing the road map of Jakarta Clean Air until 2030,” Diah outlined.

    As many as 14 actions are being prepared as well to deal with the problem, such as the development of eco-friendly public transportation, the implementation for the vehicle emissions test, air quality control in the industry sector, and provision of eco-friendly fuel.


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