Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Go-Jek Partners Contribute Trillions to Bandung's Economy



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - A study by the Institute of Demography from the University of Indonesia’s economy and business faculty recorded that Go-Jek’s economic contribution in Bandung City throughout 2018 generated up to Rp2.15 trillion.

    The institute’s Deputy Chief Paksi CK Walandouw stated that it was calculated based on the income of the individuals before and after joining as Gojek's ‘business partner.’

    “The ever-growing contribution from Gojek shows that technology is able to accelerate economic growth especially the economy in rural areas,” said Paksi in his presentation on the social economic effects of Gojek Indonesia in Bandung today, June 25.

    The institute calculated the economic gains generated by four of the company's services that consist of Go-Ride (Rp537 billion), Go-Car (Rp111 billion), Go-Food (Rp1.5 trillion), and Go-Life (46 billion).

    As of now, there are 23,105 SMEs across Bandung partnering with Gojek’s culinary services Go-Food that have contributed up to Rp44.2 trillion for the national economy.

    “That is a tremendous amount for Bandung City which is known as a culinary destination. This helps accelerate the economy of the SMEs involved,” said Paksi.

    Transaction volumes increased by 76 percent for the SMEs, with average monthly income growth of Rp5.3 million. Meanwhile, Go-Jek’s motorcycle taxi service Go-Ride – which has more than 100,000 registered partners – contributed up to Rp537 billion.

    “The average income of Go-Ride drivers each month is Rp3.4 million, which is above Bandung City’s minimum wage of Rp3.1 million,” Paksi said.