Prabowo's Witness on Fake Voters Case: No Field Verification



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The second witness presented by Prabowo Subianto – Sandiaga Uno’s legal team, Idham Amiruddin, said that he discovered 2,155,905 cases of double voters and owners of multiple identity card number.

    He claimed to have obtained these records from the Gerindra central executive board (DPP) on February 2019. “I don’t remember the exact date. It was around the second month of 2019,” said Idham in the election dispute court trial held today, June 19, at the Constitutional Court (MK).

    He continued to say that he started to take notice of the general election’s final voters list (DPT) since 2006 when he had just finished his service as a consultant of national ID cards and was made familiar with issues regarding NIK.

    Idham admitted he was elated when he received the records from Gerindra on February and started to look into the NIK of the voters. From his research, he found that there was a “ghost district” based on the unusual 5-6 numbers within the NIK, which should have been filled with the area’s code.

    For example in Bogor, where he discovered two digits representing the city in the NIKs that were more than 40, when in fact, he said that Bogor only has 40 sub-districts.

    “The owners of the “fake NIKs” are those with the number 5-6 which were more than 40. Because there are only 40 sub-districts in Bogor,” said Idham.

    However, Idham contradicted his findings by saying that such anomalies can happen due to the changes in voters residency. He made sure he understands that NIK can never be changed even though the voter moving to another area. He also acknowledged that a voter from outside of Bogor but ends up moving to the city can eventually have an unusual NIK.

    He also admitted he did not follow the development of the final voters list revision by the General Elections Commission (KPU), where the KPU had numerous times issued a revised version under the name “revised DPT.”

    The witness in favor of Prabowo Subianto also admitted he never conducted a field verification following his findings and only analyzed it based on the records he obtained. “I worked based on the Laws. [Working] outside that border is incorrect. I am not mandated to verify the data since that is the task of the KPU, not mine,” said Idham.