Saturday, 14 December 2019

KPU Server Hoax Creator Went Missing before Elections



Laila Afifa

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    Hoax illustration.

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The police have arrested Wahyu Nugroho, the man suspected of creating and spreading the hoax that KPU's server was rigged to favor incumbent presidential candidate Joko Widodo. The latest investigation reveals that Wahyu had gone missing from his home town sometime before the elections began.

    Wahyu, a resident of Nusukan, Solo, had not been seen around the neighborhood since before the elections, neighborhood chief Indaryanto said on Tuesday, June 18. 

    None of Wahyu's neighbor knew that the man was being searched by the police until he was arrested.  

    To his neighbors, Wahyu is known as a computer expert who also works as a lecturer. "But we do not know at which university," Indaryanto said about the man who had lived in his village for 10 years.  

    Wahyu posted a video online saying that KPU's server was rigged to ensure Jokowi's win with 57% votes. He also said that KPU's server is located in Singapore.   

    According to the police, Wahyu created the video so that he would be recruited as an IT expert by the campaign team of a presidential candidate. 

    Ahmad Rafiq (Contributor)