Press Council: No Violation in Tempo's Article on Tim Mawar



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPress Council has completely gathered statements from Tempo Magazine related to its article on June 10, 2019 edition about Tim Mawar (rose team/ Mawar team) and the May 22 riot in front of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) building. A number of Tempo’s representatives were grilled about processes on the news finding, news gathering, and the verification.

    “Our first conclusion is that [article] is a product of investigative journalism based on the principles of investigative reports,” said the council deputy head Hendry Chairudin Bangun in his office, Jakarta, Tuesday, June 18.

    Previously, the former commander of Tim Mawar, May. Gen. (ret.) Chairawan reported Tempo Magazine to Press Council. He objected to an article about his team allegedly being involved in May 22 riot in front of Bawaslu building, Jakarta. Before examining Tempo, the council requested Chairawan’s explanation.

    The Council appreciated Chairawan’s measure and examined all related parties. However, Hendry said that the council’s decision was not final because Chairawan planned to take the case to the police.

    Hendry added that Chairawan demanded Press Council write a letter in which saying the council would hand a whistleblower of state secret to the police but was then rejected. “We cannot draft such a letter. But it will be decided later during a plenary meeting,” he said.

    The plenary meeting is scheduled to be held next week. All members and Press Council chairman would attend the session, except Arif Zulkifli who is the chief editor of Tempo Magazine.