Teenagers and Exposure to Pornography, a Psychologist's Take



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - In response to the recent viral video of a teen couple performing intercourse while recording themselves, Minauli Consulting Director and Psychologist Dra. Irna Minauli, M.Si, said that many teenagers have been exposed to pornography which has driven some of them to show off their abilities to replicate the adult contents.

    “Those with narcissistic tendencies will have a sense of pride once they can publicly exhibit it,” Minauli observed. Another side effect of extreme exposure toward pornography, she said, is that it drives those addicted to it view women as a mere sexual object.  

    “That is why they only use women and don’t base [their relationship] on love or compassion,” said Minauli.

    The psychologist mentioned the ease of accessing the internet as a factor driving this phenomenon. She also predicts that teens would freely surf the internet for porn considering their parents or teachers from the older generation are not savvy with technology such as the internet.

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    Irna Minauli also blamed this trend among teens to the lack of providing teenagers with sufficient sexual education. “The lack of religious values taught also has a role in the incident where this sexual activity took place,” she said.

    She also pointed out in many cases where the crowd mentality where they failed to stop the sexual activity from taking place and also seems to rather encourage it. This can be a sign of eroding social empathy.

    The Doctor referred to the recent case where a teenage couple from the Bulukumba SMK (vocational high school) recorded themselves engaging in sexual activities. The couple were identified with the initials of AM and WA. They were eventually expelled from their school since April 2019.