Corruption Convict Setya Novanto Moved to Gunung Sindur Prison



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Law and Human Rights Ministry's Regional Office immediately transferred electronic identity card (e-KTP) corruption case convict Setya Novanto from Sukamiskin Prison, Bandung, to Gunung Sindur Prison, Bogor, after being caught wandering in Padalarang, West Bandung.

    "My actions, as head of the regional office, tonight, will be to move Setnov (Setya Novanto) to the Gunung Sindur prison after this press conference," said the Ministry's Head of West Java Regional Office, Liberti Sitinjak, on late Friday, June 14. 

    He remarked that Novanto was moved to Gunung Sindur Lapas that has special maximum-security blocks. Sitinjak said he will notify the law and human rights minister over the incident.

    "In my opinion, this needs to be done temporarily before I can report to the minister. I will do this first," he noted. 

    The former House Speaker was transferred from the Sukamiskin Prison area aboard an ambulance at around 22:30 local time. 

    Sitinjak highlighted the urgency to act firmly against the e-KTP corruption case convict, as he views Novanto's actions as amounting to that of gross violation. 

    Furthermore, he remarked that currently, the guards accompanying Novanto were undergoing an investigation over the news of the trip. In the meantime, Setya Novanto will face questioning once he is in Gunung Sindur Prison.

    Therefore, he, representing the West Java Legal and Human Rights office, expressed apologies over the negligence. He remarked that during that time, the doctor's recommendations showed that Setnov required treatment.

    "On behalf of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, I apologize to the public and law enforcement officials that what transpired today is our weaknesses and mistakes," he stated. 

    Setya Novanto was caught wandering in a building shop located in Padalarang. In a photo circulating on social media, the former Golkar Party chairman was seen wearing a short-sleeved shirt and black hat, with his face covered in a mask.