Saturday, 14 December 2019

3 Key Points of Presidential Election Dispute of Prabowo vs KPU



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaConstitutional Court (MK) will hold the first presidential election dispute hearing today, June 14. Prabowo - Sandiaga filed the lawsuit, protesting the vote recapitulation result announced by the Election Commission (KPU) that declared the winning of Jokowi - Ma’ruf Amin.

    KPU announced that incumbent Jokowi - Ma’ruf gained over 85,6 million votes or 55.50 percent, while the opposition earned over 68,6 million votes or 44.50 percent. The total number of valid votes was 154,257,601 million.

    Here are three main points of the election dispute material challenged by Prabowo - Sandiaga related to the final tally:

    1. Double voter data

    The legal team of Prabowo - Sandiaga claimed there were 17.5 million double voters in the final voter list (DPT) and 5.7 million voters in the special voter lists (DPK). According to them, the total number of preposterous DPT and DPK reached 22.03 million voters and correlated to the number of votes for Jokowi - Ma’ruf.

    2. KPU’s vote count system (Situng)

    The opposition also questioned the agency’s vote count information system or Situng that they considered being intervened and engineered. On the lawsuit files, the legal team led by Bambang Widjojanto submitted the study case of the system error found in 3,742 polling stations in East Java.

    3. Missing C7 forms

    Prabowo - Sandiaga campaign team also highlighted the defective C7 forms (voters’ attendance list). They claimed C7 forms in several regions went missing by not being ratified. The team also submitted sample cases in three polling stations in Sidoarjo Subdistrict, East Java.


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