3 Cafes in Jakarta Empowering People with Disabilities



Mahinda Arkyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The food and beverages industry employing people with disabilities is starting to appear in the capital. Based on Tempo's observation, there are at least three coffee shops that employ people with hearing impairment as a barista or a waiter/waitress.

    Other than presenting an economic contribution, these coffee shops will certainly hit a soft spot in potential customers' hearts. The following is a list of cafes in Jakarta that are made special with the help of disabled people.

    1. Deaf Cafe Fingertalk

    This café located in Pamulang was founded by Disa Ahdanisa in May of 2015. The café that also acts a business specifically empowers people with disabilities in the food and beverage industry was inspired by a café located in Nicaragua, South America, which adopts the same concept, says Disa.

    The Deaf Cafe Fingertalk currently has two branches with the first at Pamulang and the second is in Limo, Depok, on Cinere Street No. 26. The business platform that adds social value to the public also received praise from former US President Barack Obama.

    The special element in Disa's cafes is that customers are engaged in understanding sign languages presented by the waiter and waitresses. Customers who are not familiar with sign language have nothing to worry since the employees here are able to read lips and certified to do the job.

    1. Kopi Tuli

    The café that literally translates as 'deaf coffee' was founded by three friends; Putri Santoso, Tri Erwinsyah and Adhika Prakoso. The difference with this compared to the previously mentioned café is that this café is developed by Putri who is hearing impaired and has a goal of opening job opportunities for people with hearing loss.

    The constant discrimination Putri experienced upon applying for a job was what motivated her to establish the café. With an IDR 100 million fund, Putri together with her friends established Kopi Tuli which offers affordable coffee beverages to consumers.

    1. Sunyi House of Coffee and Hope

    This café located on RS Fatmawati Street No.15 in South Jakarta was established just two months ago and was founded by Mario Gultom, Almas Nizar, Yo Renno Widjojo, Ferlando Garcia and Irfan Alvianto.

    The graduates of a University in Singapore built the café as a business that is based on Socioenterpreneur concept that focuses not only on financial gains but also a business that contributes to the public in its surrounding.

    Sunyi House of Coffee and Hope employs various people with disabilities which are proven by the two baristas who are both paraplegic. The strategic location can be an alternative for those living in South Jakarta since it offers quite affordable menus for the food and beverages sold there.