IPW Urges Police to Arrest Former Chief Sofyan Jacob



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Neta S. Pane, chairman of the Indonesian Police Watch (IPW) Presidium, urges the police to immediately arrest former Jakarta Police Chief Comr. Gen. (ret.) Sofyan Jacob. Sofyan has been named as a suspect of treason.

    Arresting Sofyan, Neta said, becomes a crucial matter now that the police have arrested Maj. Gen. (ret.) Soenarko and Kivlan Zein under the same charges.

    "By [arresting Sofyan], Polri would not be accused of playing favors in resolving the alleged treason case," Neta said in a press release, Tuesday, June 11.

    According to Neta, naming Sofyan a suspect shows that the police are very serious in resolving the case, "considering is a senior police officer who understands very well the twists and turns of an investigation process," Neta said.

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    The IPW also urges the police to immediately question seven other retired army generals who participated in the meeting with Sofyan.  

    "All of them are retired police officers. If the seven senior generals were indeed involved in treason, they must also be made suspects the police must arrest them immediately," he said.

    In resolving the treason case, Neta added, the police must clean its own house first, to make the law enforcement efforts free from internal meddling—especially from retired officers who still have access to active investigators.

    The police, he remarked, must also entertain and explore possibilities that there might be active generals or active officers within the force who were involved in supporting the movement carried out by Sofyan Jacob.