Gerindra Calls Hoax on Sri Mulyani's Take on Weak Global Economy



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Gerindra Party’s Indonesian parliament member Bambang Haryo accused Finance Minister Sri Mulyani and Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs Darmin Nasution of lying about the real reason behind the slowing global economy.

    He went as far to accuse both ministers of spreading hoax by attributing the weakening to the trade tension between the United States of America and China.

    Bambang expressed his disdain in a plenary meeting on the fiscal policy of the 2020 state budget plan.

    “We disagree with the Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister of Economic Affairs on the global economic slowdown. Their reasons are lies and hoax against the public,” said Bambang in the plenary meeting on Tuesday, June 11.

    He argued that the trade tension should not be the reason for Indonesia’s economic weakening and claimed that other countries are able to see a growing economy through strategies in boosting their industries.

    Bambang exampled Vietnam that was able to grow its first Quarter domestic economy up to 36 percent in the midst of the international trade tension as many Chinese manufacturing companies opted to move there.

    “Indonesia should grab the opportunity and use it to its maximum,” he said.

    Previously, Minister Sri Mulyani presented her views on the global economic slowdown in a plenary meeting which was discussed by the G20 members.

    “The ongoing global economy has weakened investments and a global economic weakening in general,” said the former World Bank Executive Director.