Democrat Says They`re Ready as Opposition or Even Pro-Government



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Democrat Party central executive board (DPP) Jansen Sitindaon revealed that the party is ready to take the role as opposition or even pro-government following the end of the 2019 General Elections. He says Democrats is equally experienced in both positions.

    “The principle is that Democrats are prepared to be inside or outside of the government,” said Jansen to Tempo on Saturday, June 9.

    His statement is backed by the party’s timeline that has taken the role of pro-government and opposition, as they have stayed outside of the government for the past five years of President Jokowi’s administration.

    “We will be a critical opposition if we remain outside the government,” he asserts.

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    However, he explained that the Democrat party has plenty of experience in managing authority as its Chairman Susilo “SBY” Bambang Yudhoyono served as Indonesia’s president for two terms in the past.

    “With the 10-year experience we will surely provide useful inputs to Pak Jokowi,” said Jansen Sitindaon.

    Democrat Party is one of three Indonesian political parties that share similar experiences as opposition and pro-government, others include the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP) and Golkar (Golongan Karya) Party.

    The rumor of Democrat Party joining forces into the government’s political party coalition became stronger after the relations between party figures and the government became more frequent and intimate. This is backed by their decision to acknowledge Jokowi’s victory in the 2019 presidential election, a contrast to the stand taken by the opposition coalition.