Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Here's Why Career Women Cannot Wait to Work Post-Holiday



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Eid Celebration holidays and collective work-leave is coming to an end, which is time for Indonesian workers to dive into their daily grind once again. This applies to career women with children too however, some of these workers are actually excited to return to their work.

    Professional counselor and therapist Anggia Chrisanti from the Westaria psychology consultant bureau (Biro Konsultasi Psikologi Westaria) analyzed this situation and broke down three possible reasons why career women are glad to return to the office.

    1. Routine

    As it turns out, office routines can pose as a two-sided coin where one can resent it and miss it at the same time. One of the reasons might be because of a person’s ability to be used to the situation especially when they have been working prior to getting married with children.

    She says that the routine and work rhythm career women have got accustomed to in the office can serve as an escape to the routines at home when dealing with house chores which can be repetitive.

    1. Office Environment and Friendship

    For those who have worked within a team must have grown accustomed to workmates or coworkers that can take the role as a listener or just a place to talk or vent about the dynamics of life at home. Coworkers which a person has closely bonded with can be a place of solace.

    1. Loves the Job

    This might only apply to those who are lucky enough to be in this position, especially if the work is considered as being paid to do your hobby. This can have numerous positive implications as it not only gets work done but also achieve a sense of self-actualization.

    However, Anggia reminded that this shall not mean a career woman is a bad mother or wife and advised to balance things by believing oneself that happiness is also sourced from family at home.