Spend Eid Holiday at Magic Art 3D Museum



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaPhoto-taking is likely a must activity during holidays. People mostly look for unique, interesting object or background to get remarkable cuts. Magic Art 3D Museum is among many tourist attractions to satisfy the hunger for instagrammable photographs.

    Located in Kota Tua, Jakarta, the museum offers various two-dimensional hand paintings on the wall and floor you can pose close to it and get 3D art photo as results.

    The marketing director of Magic Art 3D Museum Jakarta, Ernida Rere Aryani, said the number of visitors increased during Eid al-Fitr holiday. “As many as 1,200 people per day on average,” Ernida told Tempo on Friday, June 7.

    Ernida predicted more people will visit the gallery until the next week or Sunday, June 16, or during school holidays.

    Magic Art 3D Museum provides different sensation than other tourist attractions in Kota Tua. Over a hundred artworks displayed in the 2,000-square-meter building are painted with several themes made by six Korean painters and three Indonesian painters.

    Visitors are allowed to use hundreds of paintings as their background photos. Ernida further mentioned that the number of visitors rose in line with the increased tourist visit to Kota Tua area.

    On normal days, Ernida went on, visitors of Magic Art 3D commonly come from school or private groups, while on weekends, they are mostly family. Other than Jakartans or people living in the vicinity, tourists from outside the capital city also visit the museum during this Eid holidays.