Kivlan Zen Says He`s Prepared on Possible Immediate Detention



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The former Army chief of staff for the Strategic Reserve Command Kivlan Zen is undergoing police investigation as a suspect of alleged treason and for circulating hoax news.

    Asked upon the possibility of him being detained, Kivlan answered; “That is the investigators’ rights, we have no problem with that. We entirely hand it all to the investigators,” said Kivlan at the police criminal investigation department (Bareskrim) today.

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    Kivlan stressed that he will adhere to any police orders and whatever terminology named by investigators regarding the case that is incriminating him. He believes he is taking the correct path that upholds truthfulness.

    “If I am named guilty, I will entirely accept that,” said Kivlan who is in the midst of police investigation.

    As previous reports state, a resident of Serang, Banten under the name Jalaludin reported Kivlan Zen to the police for suspicion on circulating hoax news and the violation against Article 15 upon a country’s security or treason.