KoDe Inisiatif Reveals Underlining Election Dispute Issues



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Judiciary watchdog KoDe Inisiatif found 11 major issues that underline 469 election disputes submitted to the Constitutional Court (MK).

    The most popular among them are 111 cases of suspected irregular votes enhancement and vote reduction with a total of 101 cases.

    “The second most reported is vote reduction without added votes from the applicant’s competitor,” said the report.

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    The next finding is 73 cases of votes enhancing of a competitor but without reduced votes from the applicant.

    Another finding from Constitutional Court election dispute applicants is 19 administrative violations; 9 elections violations; undeserving voters with 9 cases; 7 cases of vote recap errors; lack of logistics, money politics, and vote reduction with one finding.

    Meanwhile, another 135 applications did not mention the reason for their report says KoDe Inisiatif chairman Veri Junaidi at the watchdog’s headquarters on Sunday, May 26.