NMAA Confident Modification Industry as Large as Japanese Market



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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The National Modificator Aftermarket Association (NMAA) believes that the Indonesian car modification market can be as large as markets in Japan and the United States if all automotive elements are united and support each other in developing a growing vehicle industry.

    "With the collaboration and support of all parties, we believe our modification industry can be as big as America and Japan," said NMAA Leader Andre Mulyadi in a statement received by ANTARA on Saturday.

    To that end, NMAA will again hold a modified venue for the Indonesia Modification Expo (IMX) 2019 on a larger scale in September 28-29 2019 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, following the first implementation in 2018.

    With the support of the government, the aftermarket industry, brand holder agents, modifiers, and automotive lovers, IMX 2019 will bring the theme "Power of Collaboration", which was chosen to unite all elements in the automotive industry in the country.

    "Modification of Indonesia should be a major part of the world car tuning industry, especially having the largest automotive market in Southeast Asia," he said.

    IMX 2019 has been running a series of promotions since the beginning of 2019 by traveling to several cities, as well as participating in automotive exhibitions abroad by bringing several original Indonesian aftermarket products.

    Andre explained, the aftermarket brand that joins IMX will automatically be integrated with several similar modification exhibitions in America and Japan.

    IMX 2019 is also committed to bringing original aftermarket products to the country abroad. IMX will present the invited guests as well as the best curators from the three modification centers of the World, America, Japan and Australia.

    Local exhibitors who have ordered platforms at IMX 2019 include KARMA Bodykit, Yoong Motor, Gear Head Monkey, Tom Airbrush, Black Retail, Speed Z, Pro 7, Autovision, Frontier, AirPride Air Suspension, and APForce.

    "Some of the products launched at IMX last year, such as KARMA, Bitelblack, Yoong Motor, etc., have proven successful and even penetrated the world modification market," said Andre.

    There are also world-class names including Pioneer, Mooneyes Japan, Osaka Automesse, Bendpak, Dynacorn, Edelbrock, Socal Speed Shop, Alpine, and Air Lift Suspension.

    IMX 2019 works with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry in encouraging the automotive industry, especially modifications to be more developed so as to open opportunities for domestic automotive entrepreneurs.