May 22, Tarakan Hospital: No Injuries from Live Ammo



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Tarakan Hospital’s Head of General and Marketing Department Reggy S. Sobari announced that there are no victims of the May 22 riot that were treated for gunshot wounds caused by lethal ammunition.

    The patients treated at Tarakan Hospital were injured by the clash between the mob and security personnel in the vicinity of Tanah Abang, Thamrin Street, and Petamburan, Central Jakarta.

    “Several victims brought rubber projectile bullets when they were admitted to the hospital. We also had to take out a number of rubber projectiles from their body,” said Reggy at the Tarakan Hospital in Jakarta.

    Reggy reminds that there are no injuries caused by gunshot wounds from lethal ammo in the patients that the hospital treated.

    Asked about the cause of the two patients that eventually died at the hospital, Reggy was unsure since the victim’s family did not authorize an autopsy to take place, even though the cause of their deaths could have easily been revealed by an autopsy.

    “The victim that did not survive had several round injuries. Are those injuries the cause of his death or not we cannot confirm,” said Reggy.

    The hospital’s records show 140 protesters were treated at Tarakan after the clash between them and police.