Ramadan; 5 Delicious Dates Creation Menu to Break the Fast



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaConsuming dates to break the fast in this holy month of Ramadan is part of Sunnah, which was exemplified by the Prophet Muhammad. Aside from eating the sweet, dark-colored fruit as it is, you can process it to various delicacies or beverages without reducing its nutrients.

    Rich in various nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants, some of the kinds have a soft, chewy texture, while others have thick fibrous. Here are five delicious creation menu made of dates you can try for your iftar (fast-breaking) meal:

    1. Smoothies

    Dates smoothie

    Mix dates, milk, and banana using a food processor. This smoothie does not need any sweetener as the fruit is already high in sugar, but you may like to add oatmeal as you wish.

    2. Choco Cashew in Dates

    This recipe blends the sweetness of dates, chocolates and the savory of cashew nuts. First, bake the nuts and dip it in melted chocolate, then rest it until firm. Secondly, cut dates and release the seed to replace it with cashew nuts wrapped in chocolate.

    3. Cake

    If you are bored to have regular cakes, this recipe may be a fresh alternative. First thing first, grind date meats with milk and sugar. Then make the dough from flour, eggs, and baking powder, and mix it with the dates. Before baking it, you can add chopped dates as the topping.

    4. Pudding

    This kind of sweet pudding is made of mashed dates, milk, sugar (if needed), and gelatin powder. Head the mixture until boiling and pour into a bowl or molds. It is best to serve chilled.

    5. Shaved Ice

    Take ten pieces of dates and a few slices of melon. Then place the fruits on top of shaved ice. You can crash ice blocks using a blender or a shaved ice machine if you have one. Pour condensed milk or syrup and enjoy.