Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Bogor to Build LRT, Tram to Solve Congestion



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • LRT (left) and MRT Jakarta. ANTARA;

    LRT (left) and MRT Jakarta. ANTARA;

    TEMPO.CO, Bogor - Bogor administration revealed strategies to tackle traffic jam in its downtown, West Java. One of them is to implement Presidential Regulation or Perpres No. 49 of 2017 concerning the acceleration of Light Rail Transit (LRT) construction.

    “Bogor City will improve in the future; Bogor will have LRT that the second phase of the construction will start from Cibubur, Cimanggis until Bogor. The station will be in Baranangsiang,” said Bogor Deputy Mayor, Dedie A Rachim, in Bogor, Sunday, May 5.

    According to Dedie, mass transport will be able to accommodate 120,000 passengers per day. He predicted 30 percent of the commuter line (KRL) users and 40 percent of Bogor people using the four-wheel vehicle would divert to utilize the metro.

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    “Why the figure is 40 percent? Because in 2020, Jakarta provincial administration will apply Electronic Road Pricing (ERC). So car users from Bogor to the capital city will have to pay double for the toll. This must be anticipated,” said the former director on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

    In addition to LRT construction, Dedie added, his city will also build a tramway, starting from Baranangsiang terminal, Tugu Kujang, Jalan Paledang, Taman Topi, Jalan Pajajaran until Baranangsiang.

    The construction of Bogor Outer Ring Road (BORR) section IIIA that was targeted to complete in December 2019 will be continued to the construction of the section IIIB. The toll will later connect Jagorawi Dua which is connecting Dramaga Bogor and Depok Antasari.

    “Bogor will possess shares from PT Marga Sarana Jabar (MSJ). If Bogor city is safe, peaceful, and conducive, inshallah the construction will run smoothly, and the President will stay living in Bogor city,” Dedie remarked.