Presidential Election Vote-Count: Jokowi Leads with 56.12 percent



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The General Elections Commission's (KPU) vote-count information system (Situng) showed that Joko Widodo (Jokowi)-Ma'ruf Amin ticket continues to maintain the presidential vote-count based on the 65.1 percent of total votes collected.

    Based on, Jokowi-Ma'ruf ticket bagged 56,028,750 votes or 56.12 percent as per Saturday, May 4, at 08:30 Jakarta time, while their challenger Prabowo-Sandi gained 43,804,766 votes or 43.88 percent. The voice gap reached 12,223,984.

    The data was based on the temporary votes collected by KPU’s Situng from 529,549 polling stations (TPS) from the total of 813,350 TPS, or at 65.1 percent.

    Situng represented the tabulation of C1 vote tally forms collected from each polling stations. KPU opens the Situng data for the public so they can check the vote recapitulation process.

    However, Situng's vote-count result not yet being official, as the manual vote tabulation based on the actual C1 vote tally forms is still ongoing at several levels. The KPU vote recapitulation is scheduled to complete by May 22, 2019.

    The Indonesia election commission asks the public to actively supervise the vote recapitulation at Situng in order to ensure the data is being entered correctly. 

    Prabowo Camp's Opposition

    The Prabowo-Sandi camp made repeated requests to the KPU commissioners to immediately drop the Situng after claiming to have recorded inconsistent data entry regarding counting on Situng's website

    The Information Technology (IT) Volunteers of the Prabowo-Sandi Campaign Team (BPN) has brought to the notice of the Election Supervisory Board (Bawaslu) some 73,716 incorrect vote data entries on KPU's Situng.

    "At first, we spotted 9,440 (incorrect data entries), and that figure ultimately rose to 73,715 entries on Situng between April 27 and May 2, 2019," Mustofa Nahrawardaya, coordinator of the BPN's IT Volunteers, remarked. 

    Inconsistencies in the vote data entry surfaced in at least 477,021 polling stations.

    "The largest number of inconsistencies has been observed in Central Java, particularly in 7,666 polling stations, in 5,826 East Java polling stations, 4,327 North Sumatra polling stations, 3,296 South Sumatra polling stations, and 3,219 South Sulawesi polling stations," he stated. 

    The room for error in the IT system is at most 0.1 percent, but an error of 15.4 percent was found in the KPU Situng.

    He called on the Commission to halt the entry of data on the Situng and to initiate a forensic audit of the KPU IT. 

    Responding to such electoral irregularities, several hundred ulemas, in support of the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno ticket, came together for a meeting held for the third time, or dubbed as "Ijtima Ulama III," in Sentul, Bogor, West Java, on Wednesday, during which they issued five recommendations. 

    One of the recommendations underscored the ulemas' beliefs of structured, systematic, and massive electoral fraud during the recently concluded presidential elections. 

    Dewi Nurita | Antara

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