Traveloka's Latest Features for a More Comfortable Flight

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  • INFO TEMPO - Traveloka continues to innovate by providing new features to accommodate passengers’ needs. From even before you book your flights until you’re actually being on-board, Traveloka offers features and services for each process that can be easily accessed in one platform.

    By using Traveloka website or mobile app, you can easily find cheap flights, pick your seats, and track your flights. Traveloka also allows you to pre-book your meal, check-in baggage, and book lounge access at the airport, which definitely make your journey more convenient and enjoyable.

    For anyone who’s planning your travel to other cities, make sure to take advantage of Traveloka’s comprehensive features to maximize your holiday experience. By booking through Traveloka, their features allow you to enjoy pristine Bali beaches or Yogya’s cultural activities fully. Other unforgettable experience is by going on a culinary adventure in Malang.

    Now let’s see how you can maximize Traveloka’s latest features for your journey:

    Prior to booking your flight

    Many of us have a limited budget to spend on a holiday. If you’re one of them, there’s no need to be ashamed. Traveloka comes with a solution: with its Price Alert feature, customers’ will be able to get notified when desired flights with their suitable budget come up. This way, customers can easily book the flights within their budget range.

    When booking your flight

    Once your flights are purchased, Traveloka’s new features enable the passenger to pick their seat, Add Extra Baggage(s), Book Airport Lounge, and Buy Baggage Wrap Service. The Seat Selection feature allows the passenger to pick their seat and is ideal to make sure you are seated within your group of travel or within your preference, seated by the aisle or the window.   

    Before you board, make sure to pamper yourselves by using the airport lounge. You can just book your entrance ticket on Traveloka during your web check-in. Airport lounge offers many benefits such as free flow drinks and snacks, private restroom, prayer’s room, wireless internet access, massage chair, and so on.

    To make your trip worry-free, Extra Baggage feature allows you to buy additional weights for your baggage. By using this feature, worry no more about paying a high amount of extra baggage cost directly at the check-in counter. Traveloka offers a more affordable price for extra baggage and helps your check-in process easier.

    Another thing to consider when traveling is using the Baggage Wrap service at the airport. This wrap service will protect your suitcase or bags from being scratch by sharp items, or other damage between travels. You can travel easier and worry less since having your baggage wrapped will not only protect your belongings from damages but also will stop people from stealing your item.

    After booking your flight

    Are you often rush to the airport for check-in? Skip the hustle and stop the bother of queueing in line to print your boarding pass, travelers who do not need to check their baggage can easily go straight to the boarding lounge by checking in early on Traveloka website or mobile app, minimum 24 hours prior flight time. Practical, isn’t it?  

    Before getting on-board

    Now it’s time to fly safely and comfortably. Unfortunately, sometimes flights get delayed. Delayed flights are not only annoying but can also cost you your money and time. To avoid pointless waiting due to a flight delay, monitor your flight’s status directly in your hand using Traveloka mobile app. This feature provides Real-time Flight Status to ensure passengers to get to their flights in time.

    Aside from convenient flight booking, Traveloka with its latest features is able to assist your journey fully. So, where to next? Book your journey now, at whenever from wherever with Traveloka. (*)