200 Tons of Trash Removed from Kalibaru River



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Bogor District administration recently removed 200 tons worth of trash that piled up at the Kalibaru River, which is the tail end of the Ciliwung River in Bogor, West Java.

    “We prepared 50 trucks to remove the piling trash. One dump truck accommodated four tons of trash, which means we removed 200 tons. But this leaves plenty left in the river and we need 50 more trucks to carry all of them,” said Bogor’s waste management and environment agency (DLH) head Atis Tardiana on Monday, April 29.

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    Atis added that this is not the first occurrence massive trash were dredged from Ciliwung’s creek since just several months ago the agency removed 30 truck-worth of trash from the same location.

    The agency blames the trash pile up on the bridge’s height that is at the same level as the river’s surface. They hoped that the Public Works and Spatial Planning agency will soon reconstruct the bridge.