IPI: Prabowo Camp's Internal Vote Count Biased



Mahinda Arkiyasa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian Public Institute (IPI) executive director Karyono Wibowo, discovered that the vote data collected by Prabowo Subianto's campaign team, which suggest they are in the lead by 62 percent, is not proportional to the official count.

    He said that Prabowo campaign team's 'Ayo Jaga TPS' application is inconsistent and not proportional to the data of General Elections Commission (KPU) from election polling stations (TPS).

    "The data presented by the Prabowo-Sandiaga campaign team, which claims 62 percent lead, is not proportional. This concludes that it is biased data. It must be biased," said Karyono in a discussion held in Central Jakarta on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

    Comparing data collected from both Prabowo's Ayo Jaga TPS app and the KPU, Karyono found that there is a gap in TPS data proportion broken down to each province.

    He gave an example of the data collected from Jakarta Province. The Ayo Jaga TPS app showed that it has collected 13.7 percent data in the Jakarta region, while the KPU had only managed to collect 3.6 percent.

    "The data they compile should be proportional to those of KPU's to make it valid. Because it is not proportional then it is biased," he asserted.

    Other regions with dissimilar TPS data collection according to IPI include West Java, East Java, and Central Java. He stated that such bias should not happen if it is done by sampling C1 forms proportionally.