Election Data Input Error Benefit Two Presidential Candidates



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaMahfud MD, the head of Gerakan Suluh Kebangsaan (National Enlightenment Movement), visited the office of General Elections Commission (KPU) to ask for clarification on the issue of error data input in its vote counting information system website (SITUNG).

    Mahfud came with a professor of statistics at the Bogor Agricultural Institution Asep Saefuddin and a daughter of former President Gusdur Alissa Wahid.

    According to Mahfud, both presidential candidates would beset as well as benefit from the error. The KPU, he added, possessed the data on which it benefited either candidate number 01 or 02.

    He further appealed to all people to remain calm and not fall for hoax news that possibly damaged the KPU credibility. He suggested parties that distrusted the commission to carry out their own vote-count system and compare it to more accurate data.

    “Thus, it will be known whether it’s false or not,” Mahfud remarked.

    The renowned Muslim figure explained his team in tandem with the KPU’s technology information team and Suluh Kebangsaan found several factors of data input errors. According to him, as per April 24, at 17:15 western Indonesia time, data from 241,366 polling stations had been recorded. “And there are 101 errors.”

    He then concluded there was only 0.0004 percent or one error occurred in 2,500 polling stations. “That can’t be said a systematic fraud,” he underlined.

    Mahfud MD went on to say that Gerakan Suluh Movement had visited the KPU office before the election day on April 17, to support the professional and independent commission. “So we would like to visit KPU because we’re disturbed after hearing news [about fraud accusation] to ask what really happens,” he concluded.


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