Vespa Kartini Ride, Ode to Indonesia's Emancipation Figure



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Dozens of women dressed in Indonesia’s traditional kebaya blouse gathered in Bandung for a Vespa gathering dubbed as the Kartini Ride in commemorating Indonesia’s female emancipation figure known as Hari Kartini or Kartini Day.

    “We noticed many women ride scooters in Bandung, what’s the harm in organizing the Kartini Ride,” said the event’s coordinator Rucke Mabu at the Cikapayang Park, Bandung, on Sunday.

    According to Rucke, the group ride can be seen as a symbol of emancipation in the country’s Vespa scene.

    “We cannot leave our nature as women, but it does not mean we should bow to men, but rather help each other hand-in-hand,” said Rucke.

    The Vespa riders’ meeting is not a regular meet, but also a vessel to pass on the message on safe riding as its members show by riding scooters that are legally well-equipped and calling for trash-free practices during Bandung City’s weekly car-free day events.