Gov't Repatriates 51 Illegal Migrant Workers from Jordan

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  • TEMPO.COJakarta - The Indonesian Embassy in Amman conducted the repatriation of 51 Indonesian migrant workers, largely illegal or undocumented, under the Jordanian government's amnesty program.

    The stage-three repatriation of illegal migrant workers was conducted on April 17, 2019, following two earlier stages for 38 Indonesian workers. 

    According to a press statement of the Indonesian Embassy in Amman, received in Jakarta, Saturday, April 20, the third-phase repatriation involved the largest number of Indonesians in the past two years. 

    The amnesty policy is in effect for a six-month duration, from December 12, 2018, to June 12, 2019. To ensure the optimal application of the program, the Indonesian Embassy in Amman has held various events to disseminate information via direct meetings, telephonically, or social media. 

    Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan Andy Rachmianto elaborated that the Jordanian government's amnesty program must be optimally implemented, as this program is not always available yearly. 

    Hence, Indonesian citizens, who have violated immigration laws in Jordan, must promptly "whiten" their status. 

    Nearly all migrant workers have resided for over eight years in Jordan. This repatriation demonstrates the state's efforts to protect Indonesian citizens abroad.

    "Through the amnesty program, the Indonesian Embassy has set a target to assist in the repatriation of at least 50 percent of Indonesian citizens having illegal status," Ambassador Rachmianto noted. 

    The Indonesian Embassy's records stated that all women migrant workers were repatriated under this amnesty program. 

    Since the announcement of the amnesty program, the number of troubled migrant workers registered with the Indonesian Embassy has shown a steady increase with each passing day. Hence, with the registration, the return of over 100 people will be done.

    It is expected that the amnesty policy will attract Indonesian citizens embroiled in residence permit violations in Jordan, including those with children from informal relations. 

    The Indonesian Embassy has established coordination with the immigration authorities and several relevant government agencies to facilitate the legalization and return of such children to Indonesia.

    "The Indonesian Embassy in Amman will continue to bring as many Indonesian citizens as possible to benefit from this amnesty program. We have disseminated information on various social and electronic media to appeal to troubled migrant workers, including employers that employ them, to utilize the program optimally," Ambassador Rachmianto stated.