Voting in Medan Postponed due to Lack of Election Ballots



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Medan - Voting in the 33 polling station (TPS) situated on Jalan Parang III Padang Bulan, Medan Johor, had been delayed as locals refused to vote because ballots for the presidential candidate were not available.

    Locals who have been at the TPS since morning did not want to start the voting process because the election material was not complete. “We don’t want to cast a vote because ballots for president is not ready,” said Lea Ginting (48) when met at the TPS on Wednesday, April 17.

    Lea explained the polling station working committees (KPPS) had called on the community to exercise their rights to vote using the available materials. However, the public was determined to postpone the process as they fear of undesirable things to occur.

    There are 182 people registered in the final voter list (DPT) of the Indonesia Elections 2019; comprised of 87 men and 95 women.

    A public figure in the region, Petrus Sembiring, said at 10:00 local times, the committees had earlier picked up the presidential-vice presidential ballots from the election logistic warehouse yet it was only 150 ballots.

    According to a report received by Tempo, the voting is commenced at around 13:30 local times. 


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