Eid Homecoming; Jasa Marga to Apply 3 Traffic Plans in Rest Area



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, JakartaToll operator Jasa Marga has prepared three special strategies to reduce congestion in the toll road during the 2019 Eid homecoming period. The state-run company president director Desi Arryani said her side would impose a parking time limit in the rest area.

    “Because rest areas have become the main contributor of congestion during homecoming season thus far,” said Desi in the office of Police’s Traffic Management Center in Jakarta, Thursday, April 11.

    The first strategy, she explained, when the volume of rest area reaches 50 percent, officers will order homecomers who have parked for 45 minutes to exit, while if the parking volume amounted to 75 percent, every people who have parked for 30 minutes will be urged to leave.

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    Moreover, if the rest area is fully packed, Jasa Marga in tandem with the traffic police will close the entrance access.

    In addition to the parking time limit, Jasa Marga will likely impose a one-way traffic system. However, this will depend on the situation. “If there is an order from Transportation Ministry and National Police, we will commence one-way system. This is a conditional strategy,” Desi added.

    Transportation Ministry predicted a total of 14,901,568 people or 44.1 percent of total population in Jakarta Greater Area or Jabodetabek would return to their hometowns during the 2019 Eid homecoming.