Police Investigate Teen Assailants in #JusticeForAudrey Case



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - West Kalimantan Police announced that it has commenced an official investigation on the physical abuse against a 15-year-old teen by a number of older female teens in Pontianak.

    The case of physical bullying captured public attention after it became viral across social media following the antics of the perpetrators.

    “Other than increasing the status [into an investigation], our agenda today is to question three people who were reported, known as “F”,”T”, and “M”,” said National Police (Polri) Spokesman Brig. Gen. Dedi Prasetyo at the Polri headquarters in South Jakarta today, April 10.

    The three perpetrators are believed to be directly involved in the physical assault against the victim known as “A”. According to the police, the perpetrators are accompanied by the Indonesian Child Protection Agency since they are still legally underage.

    “We’ll also gather information from the victim’s mother since A is still hospitalized and cannot be summoned yet,” said Dedi.

    As previously reported, the teen victim was brutally assaulted in two different locations; Jalan Sulawesi and Akcaya Park in Pontianak. The suspects got their hands on the teen after they initially picked up “A” from her home, police stated.

    It is believed that the initial target of the assault was not meant to be “A” but rather her cousin, which police said, is a former lover of one of the perpetrators.

    The victim is currently hospitalized under intensive care at a hospital in Pontianak after sustaining both physical and mental trauma from having her head slammed on to the ground and physical assaults to her chest.

    An online petition has spread with the hashtag #JusticeForAudrey which has gained thousands of support through social platforms, mainly on Twitter.