Thousands of Transgender Enthusiastic for 2019 Indonesia Election



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Roughly around 4,000 transgenders (waria) in Jakarta enthusiastically awaits for the 2019 Indonesia elections set to be held simultaneously on April 17.

    “Our community is very enthusiastic in welcoming the 2019 General Election (Pemilu),” said Yulianus Rettoblaut, Indonesian Waria Communication Forum in Jakarta on Thursday, March 28.

    According to Yulianus, there are many transgenders who will take the role as officials at voting locations (TPS) wearing astounding clothing.

    Yulianus said that the movement upon escorting the voting procession is to show society that trans people have equal rights to vote as any other Indonesian citizen.

    “Many from the waria community consider casting their vote will only go in vain, but I asked them to use their right to vote the best they could and to avoid abstention,” said Yulia.

    Yulia said many legislative candidates paid a visit to the waria community to introduce their programs. The General Election Commission (KPU) also visited the transgender community to explain in detail the voting procedures in the 2019 general election.