Tech Student Develops Emergency Button on Android Phone



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Purwokerto A student in Telkom Institute Technology in Purwokerto, Novandi Prasetyo Putro, succeed in developing an emergency button application on Android phones.

    “This application is created based on my experience, seeing a social phenomenon that often occurs in the society, such as criminal acts,” said Novandi on Wednesday, March 27, in Purwokerto.

    The undergraduate student of technical informatics said the application has been tested by numbers of lecturers who are skilled in Android application development.

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    Novandi added he utilized several tools to make the system work. “Such as Android studio and stable internet to help in detect user’s location in GPS, and also methods of Rapid Development System (RAD) and Location Based Service (LBS),” he explained.

    A lecturer Muhammad Fajar Sidiq expressed his enthusiasm about the application, saying it is such an interesting concept. “In addition to helping people with the rapid speed of communication technology, the app also helps the authority to detect people who are in need of help in real time,” he remarked.

    Fajar pinned hope this application of emergency button on Android phone could be implemented in the society, especially people living in Banyumas regency. “We are ready to form a collaboration in developing this application with regional government,” he noted.