Saturday, 22 February 2020

70 Percent of Tangerang Industries Still Use Ground Water



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.COTangerang - The Environmental Agency of Tangerang Regency said that about 70 percent of the 5,018 industries in the area still use groundwater. This threatens the continuity of clean water resources, today and in the future.

    "The magnitude of the impact can already be seen today," said Budi Khumaedi, the agency's chief for Pollution and Damage Control Division, during a discussion on Thursday, March 21.

    The discussion was held with Aetra Tangerang to celebrate the World Water Day at Living World Alam Sutera.

    This massive and uncontrolled use of underground water, said Budi, has contaminated residents' wells in Tangerang with iron and seawater intrusion.

    "Seawater intrusion is getting higher, residents' well water in some districts is no longer suitable for consumption," he said, mentioning Sepatan as one of the sub-districts.

    The Tangerang Regency Government cannot issue policies to regulate the use of groundwater for industry, as the authority belongs to the Banten Provincial government.

    "Supervision and taxes are done by Banten Province," Budi said.

    The Tangerang District Government can only urge industries to stop using groundwater and switch to using piped water, which is processed by PDAM Tirta Kertas Raharja and PT Aetra Air Tangerang.

    Joniansyah (Contributor)