Saturday, 7 December 2019

Minister Imam Nahrawi Listed as Bribe Recipient in KONI Graft



Laila Afifa

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  • Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi. TEMPO/Taufiq Siddiq

    Youth and Sports Minister Imam Nahrawi. TEMPO/Taufiq Siddiq

    TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe public prosecutor of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) revealed the list of bribe recipients on the alleged graft case of grant fund project valued up to Rp3.4 billion made by the secretary general of the National Sports Committee (KONI), Ending Fuad Hamidy.

    The list mentioned Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi.

    The prosecutor released the list during the trial of KONI’s secretary of planning and budget unit Suradi as the witness for Ending in Jakarta Corruption Court today, March 21. Ending was charged over giving bribery to the ministry (Kemenpora) deputy IV Mulyana and two other ministry officials.

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    The names noted in the list are:

    1. M (Minister of Youth and Sports) Rp1.5 billion

    2. Ul (Ulum-Kemenpora) Rp500 million

    3. Mly (Mulyana-Kemenpora) Rp 400 million

    4. AP (Adhi Purnomo-Kemenpora) Rp250 million

    5. Oy (Oyong-Kemenpora) Rp200 million 

    6. Ar (Arsani-Kemenpora) Rp150 million 

    7. Nus (Yunus-Kemenpora) Rp50 million 

    8. Suf (Yusuf-Kemenpora) Rp50 million 

    9. Ay Rp30 million

    10. Ek (Eko Triyanto-Kemenpora) Rp20 million

    11. FH Rp50 million 

    12. Dad Rp30 million

    13. Dan Rp30 million

    14. Gung Rp30 million

    15. Yas Rp30 million

    16. Marm (Marno) Rp3 million

    17. Rad (Suradi-KONI) Rp50 million

    18. TW (Tusyono-KONI) Rp30 million

    19. EM (Emi-KONI) Rp15 million

    20. Syah (Sahid Nursyahid-KONI) Rp50 million

    21. Rif (Arif-KONI) Rp5 million

    22. Tan (Atam-KONI) Rp3 million

    23. Reg (KONI) 3 million

    The total graft funds amounted to Rp3.439 billion that was part of the ministry’s grant fund for KONI at Rp17.971 billion. The fund was provided for the selection monitoring and supporting of accomplished athlete candidates and trainers in 2018.

    Suriadi testified that the ‘M’ initial was Minister Imam Nahrawi because of the highest number. “I’ve dictated to write the initial, but I think that means the minister due to his largest fund,” he said.

    To date, Tempo is still trying to confirm the issue regarding Minister Imam Nahrawi on the list. Imam had previously grilled by the KPK as the witness for suspect Ending on January 24, 2019.