ATM Card Skimmer Linked to Gerindra Party's Wing Organization



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Head of Gerindra Party’s Jakarta representative council (DPD) Muhamad Taufik opted to issue no comments on the arrest of Ramyadjie Priambodo, who was arrested for criminal activities.

    Priambodo is the treasurer of Gerindra`s wing-organization Tunas Indonesia Raya (Tidar) and a relative member to Prabowo Subianto. He was arrested by police after robbing ATMs through card skimming fraud.

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    “I don’t really understand the matter,” answered Taufik when Tempo reached him on Tuesday, March 19. He also refused to explain Ramyadjie Priambodo’s family ties to Prabowo.

    According to the Metro Jaya Police, Ramyadjie Priambodo would often conduct his crime dressed under women’s clothing covering most of his physical appearance. Police assured that he is a sole perpetrator in the crime.