Russian Gamelan Ensemble in Moscow`s Art and Culture Event



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Moscow - For the first time in Russia, the Indonesian gamelan is played for a full hour in a fashion show held in Moscow parallel to an art exhibition entitled “Traektoria” on March 17, at the Na Kashirke art gallery.

    Traektoria adopted a theme putting forth creative ideas, development, and realization. The event focused on fashion designs created by participants consists of youths aged between 7 to 19 years of age inspired by tropical themes and Asian-inspired fashion techniques which include Indonesia’s Jumputan and Batik.

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    “This event is special because for the first time in Russia, and maybe in the world, the gamelan is performed live parallel to a fashion show. This shows that Indonesian traditional arts are accepted by Russians, who are known to highly appreciate the values of art and culture,” said M. Wahid Supriyadi, Indonesian Ambassador to Russia and the Republic of Belarus, who attended the event.

    The focal point of the gamelan performance is that the ensemble entirely consists of Russian nationals that are members of the “Gamelan Dadali” musical group under the guidance of the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Moscow and directly led by ISI Yogyakarta alumnus, Ki Tri Koyo.

    The event was also supervised by the art performance’s curator Vasily Bychkov, member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, and was attended by gallery Director Kuzmina Lyudmila Mikhailovna. “I have never heard gamelan before. This is a new and unique experience for myself, a headache is had prior to the show improved after listening to the gamelan ensemble,” said Olga.