Facebook: Traditional Marketers Challenged by Digital Data



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Marketers are now starting to implement a data-based marketing strategy parallel to the constant improvements of the internet and mobile gadgets in the Asia Pacific. However, the data ecosystem is still considered to be new in this region compared to Europe and America.

    “Digital data has caused confusion, especially among traditional marketers that had freshly entered the industry. Terms such as Big Data are often mentioned at publications and conferences and there are many traditional marketers that are wary of missing out on this new trend,” said Sri Widowati, Country Director Facebook Indonesia on Tuesday, March 12.

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    Sri Widiowati said the generation born in the digital era has influenced traditional established brands by introducing a marketing strategy that utilizes data from digital media. Such case, she said, is the ability of heavily data-based e-commerce to create offline sales through traditional channels.

    “Data creates added value, however, the confusion within the traditional industry caused them to hastily gather and utilize their data which is often done ineffectively or inefficiently,” said Sri.

    The Facebook Indonesia's country director adds that data utilization creates a unique challenge for marketers to create plans and execute a data-based campaign which is why it’s considered essential to form a baseline that corresponds to the character of the available data.