Thursday, 23 January 2020

Sibolga Terrorist Initially Aimed to Bomb Police Personnel



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Indonesian National Police (Polri) spokesman Brig. Gen. Dedi Prasetyo said that police personnel was initially targeted by the terrorist in the Sibolga bombing incident.

    Dedi said that this incident has nothing to do with the country’s election and called for the public to keep calm and trust the police to solve the case. Police have identified alleged terrorist Husain Alkas Abu Hamzah as the perpetrator.

    “It was aimed at security personnel and has nothing to do with the general election,” said Dedi on Wednesday, March 13.

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    After the explosion, the Densus 88 special counterterrorism force secured 30 kilograms worth of high explosives from the house of the terrorist’s in-law in Aek Habil, Sibolga City, North Sumatra on Tuesday.

    “Yes [we confiscated the explosive materials] at the crime scene. Some were already assembled and have yet been assembled,” said Dedi, who also revealed the similarities between the ones found at Sibolga to those found in the arrest of RIN in Lampung.

    Police reveal that the bomb used by Husain and his wife was mainly a potassium-fueled pipe bomb filled with nails and shrapnel.

    Lil Azkar Monza (CONTRIBUTOR)