GoJek in Talks with KAI over Drivers' Parking



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - GoJek Indonesia is still in talks with Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) regarding the provision of shelters for drivers and pick-up locations for passengers. The discussion was carried out to overcome congestion at station exits because some Go-Jek drivers are waiting for passengers there.

    The GoJek drivers often wait for arriving passengers at KAI's major stations serving the Greater Jakarta Commuter route.

    "Through this process, GoJek wants to ensure that the public's comfort when they need to change modes of transportation," Go-Jek Indonesia VP of Corporate Affairs Michael Say told Tempo, Thursday, March 7.

    Since November 2018, the Jabodetabek Transportation Management Agency (BPTJ) head Bambang Prihartono said that Jabodetabek Commuter Line's entrance and exit have become messy because online motorcycle taxis are parked in clusters. He had asked ride-hailing operators to coordinate with PT KAI to overcome the issue.

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    At Palmerah Station, for example, online motorcycle taxi drivers loiter under the passengers' bridge going up and down the station. This condition contributes to traffic jam during rush hours.

    According to Michael, GoJek in principle is ready to comply with existing regulations and coordinate with relevant parties to find the best solution.

    He said that, to GoJeK, customers' convenience is something they seek to sustain. For now, in some crowded places, Go-Jek has opened shelters and pick up points that can be used by drivers and passengers.

    GoJek Indonesia Sr. VP for corporate affairs Alvita Chen said reducing congestion is not only Go-Jek's duty, but also related agencies'. The provision of shelter, she said, is only one solution offered.

    "But shelters alone are not enough (to overcome congestion)," she said on Wednesday, March 6.

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