Police Standing Guard at Home of Activist Robertus Robet



Laila Afifa

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  • Robertus Robet's residence in Depok, March 7, 2019. Tempo/Friski Riana

    Robertus Robet's residence in Depok, March 7, 2019. Tempo/Friski Riana

    TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Police members are seen guarding the vicinity of the house belonging to activist and Jakarta State University lecturer Robertus Robet in Depok, West Java, following his release.

    “[Robert’s house is] guarded by police personnel, I’m not sure how many,” said National Police’s spokesman Brig. Gen. Dedi Prasetio on Friday, March 8.

    However, Dedi did not reveal the reason behind the guarding and only said that police are obliged to provide protection and serve the public regardless of any formal requests.

    Previously reported, Police named Robertus Robet as a suspect for slandering National Armed Forces (TNI) as a state institution and allegedly violated Article 207 overseeing slanders against an Indonesian authority or legal entity. He also faces charges up to six years imprisonment.

    Police abruptly arrested Robertus Rober on late Wednesday at his home and was questioned by Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (Bareskrim).

    His arrest is linked to Robet’s public oration on a ‘Kamisan’ event on Thursday, February 28, where he criticized the government’s plan to expand TNI members' across numerous civilian positions by singing an altered version of TNI’s march during the rise of reformation. This video was then edited and spread across the internet and led to his arrest.

    Robertus Robet's criticism was against the plan to expand the role of TNI members, which is against the spirit of Indonesia’s reform and civilian supremacy and to further push TNI to stay true to its role as Indonesia’s defense element.