Barista Cup Champ Talks of Hot and Cold Served Coffee



Petir Garda Bhwana

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  • TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Consuming coffee has become a trend in the past several years, many choose to drink the beverage freezing cold but some prefer it the traditional way, in the form of a hot cup of Java.

    According to the Indonesia Barista Cup (IBC) champion Mikael Jasin, there are no significant differences between the two coffee serving options.

    “Hot coffee is usually consumed in the morning,” said Mikael on Monday, March 4. Although he added that coffee lovers in Indonesia who order their coffee hot are predominantly favored by older people.

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    Meanwhile, for ice coffee, he said that it is favored by the majority of people after the act of drinking ice coffee developed into a lifestyle, added to the coffee shop industry’s constant innovative menus.

    “Many tea drinkers now consume ice coffee following the growth of coffee shops. Ice coffee tends to be more of a lifestyle that many people are eager to try,” said the Mikael.

    Apart from the obvious rich antioxidant, it contains, Mikael assures that there are no significant benefits to drinking coffee cold or hot.