Depok Administration, Aprindo Join Hands to Reduce Plastic Waste



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.CO, Depok - Depok city administration collaborates with Indonesian Retailers Association (Aprindo) to reduce plastic waste. Depok Mayor Mohammad Idris said that both agree on reducing the use of disposable plastic bag.

    "This isn't a ban. This is a reduction that may be possible to a prohibition later on," he said in Depok, Friday, March 1.

    According to the Mayor, the reduction in the use of plastic is habitual effort. He said they will conduct an evaluation for the retailers every three-month.

    This is in line with the community empowerment as the entrepreneurs in micro, small, and medium enterprises. "We push them to produce good, affordable, and attractive shopping bags," he said. 

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    Idris explained, in the first evaluation, the retail shops should reduce the use of 1000 plastic bags into 700 plastic bags. In the sixth month, it can be 500 plastic bags and gradually to only use 300 bags until no plastic bags at all.
    "Before we reach the zero plastic bag, we have to think about the alternative substitution."
    The policy will also be applied at the traditional markets, Idris said. The instruction will be issued through a Mayor Decree to traditional markets under the Depok administration. "Aprindo will evaluate the private ones," the mayor added.
    The Depok Mayor calls on the buyers to not ask for a plastic bag and use tote bags instead, in order to reduce plastic waste. 

    Irsyan Hasyim (Contributor)