Thousands Flock NTT's El Tari Road during Tenun Sarong Festival



Laila Afifa

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  • TEMPO.COKupang - As many as 10,000 people of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) flock the tenun sarong festival held by the regional government during the Car Free Day (CFD) on Saturday, March 2.  

    Thousands of people crowd the El Tari road along 1 kilometer wearing their respective region style of handwoven fabric, tenun, starting from 5 am local time. 

    The festival is divided into four spots along the road. The people joining the CFD should wear the ikat tenun. 

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    The activities held during the festival include mass dances of Flobamora, Gawi, Dolo-dolo, Ja'i, and Tebe that are participated by 1,800 students. "Various traditional foods are also provided for the visitors," said NTT head of handicraft council, Julie Laiskodat, during the event. 

    Through the festival, the NTT people is hoped to be proud of the various type of ikat fabric from the region. The NTT provincial government will officially make the sarong festival as the annual event that is expected to be able to attract foreign tourists’ involvement. 

    John Seo (Kupang)